Survey about your experience at Fine Arts Museum in Granada

Thank you for helping us to improve Aumentur.

We would like to know what your experience was like during your visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Granada, and for this we have prepared 7 questions to be answered in 30 seconds.


Among all participants in the survey, we will draw an Amazon gift voucher worth €50. The drawing will take place on July 20th, 2023, at the end of the data collection.

1. You discovered Aumentur…

2. In general, using Aumentur was...

Very difficult
Very easy
3. The content shown in Aumentur was...

No interesting at all
Absolutely interesting
4. Thanks to the use of Aumentur during your visit to the museum, your knowledge or understanding of the artworks on display has improved...

Very little or nothing
Very much
5. What is your overall satisfaction with Aumentur?

Not satisfied at all
Fully satisfied
6. How likely are you to recommend Aumentur to others?

Not likely
Very likely
7. Do you have installed or have you used any other app to guide or visit museums or monuments?

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