Aumentur, among the 5 most promising startups in the world for this 2022

Aumentur starts the new year with good news. The Granada startup has been valued by the StartUs Insights media as one of the most promising in the world. According to Javier Melero,CEO of the startup, this news “has meant a ‘plus’ of energy to start the year, and more when the edition of FITUR for this 2022 is just around the corner”.

StartUs Insights,which awards this recognition, is an Austrian company recognized for closely following upcoming trends, new technologies and the most innovative startups. This organization uses its own platform based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI): StartUs Insights Discovery. For this study, it has analyzed a total of 1491 startups from around the world choosing only the 5 best,based on factors such as location, relevance and innovation of their technology or financing, among others.

According to StartUs Insights, the 5 most promising startups for 2022 ranked according to their location.

According to this study, Aumentur is positioned as a benchmark startup in the domain of multimedia content and as one of the five startups with the most projection in the world in this sector. Currently, the Granada startup is presented as the most complete and innovative solution for the digital transformation of tourist destinations,following the strategy of smart tourist destinations that is promoted by SEGITTUR and the Ministry of Tourism.

Aumentur offers a wide catalog with information and multimedia content of more than 2500 points of tourist interest spread over more than 500 Spanish locations. The free application, available for iOS and Android,allows you to know the tourist destinations only with your mobile phone, without using audio guides, shared devices or maps.

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