Aumentur unveils its smart tourism tool at AR&PA

Aumentur, the smart solution for smart destinations, has been presented at the Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage, AR&PA, through a new digital platform.

Under the slogan “The Resilience of Cultural Heritage”, this digital edition has brought together more than 500 public and private entities. The meeting also brought together more than 120 exhibitors and more than 3,000 users, both from our country and internationally.

Within AR&PA Forum, we have had the opportunity to present Aumentur, the tool that responds to the new way of understanding tourism, helping destinations become smart destinations and attract new visitors.

Our platform, which integrates with iOS and Android devices, allows you to have a fully customized app with all the advantages of your own application, but without any of its disadvantages.

Thus, at a very low cost, property managers will be able to create and manage their own contents without relying on third parties. By operating through each visitor’s mobile, destinations can forget about physical devices or brochures, communicate in different languages, work multimedia contents, …. thus adapting to santiary restrictions. And all combined with Big Data to also obtain usage statistics.

The app is activated by smart triggers (bluetooth, GPS, QRS, …) to offer a complete tourist experience.

The online celebration of the Biennial has met all its expectations, offering heritage professionals innovative solutions such as That of Aumentur, which allows to adapt to the new reality of the tourism and heritage sector in a sustainable and safe way.

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