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  • Don't get complicated: Choose from a multitude of destinations in one Application. The contents are optimized for quick download.
  • Get inspired: Discover other destinations near you. The app shows you packages near your location.
  • Activate: Access the contents by QR code, geolocation or just by passing by a Beacon.
  • Be yourself: Choose how you want to make the visit or route. Receives personalized recommendations and select what kind of content you are more attractive: 3D, audio, video, augmented reality, …

Travel safely

  • At your own time: Don't use other people's devices or audio guides, you just need your Mobile.
  • With your people: Sightseeing with your friends, partner, family or however you want, you won't have to join any other group to make a visit guided or routed.
  • Listen to everything: You no longer need to approach the guide to find out what's Counting. Bring your phone closer to your ear or put on your headphones.

Join the INCREASED community

  • For everyone: INCREASE is installed on your mobile and works both in Android as in iOs.
  • Review: Rate the destinations you visit and share your experiences.
  • Get inspired: Get inspired by other travelers' experiences and select your next destination.
  • Share: Upload your photos to our social networks and help others travelers to decide where to travel.

Are you a property manager or tour guide?

INCREASE is a mobile app with access to a content platform focused on the tourism sector. It can help you attract visitors and to generate a unique experience on every visit. Learn more about more complete, simple, functional, intelligent and economical tool Market.

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