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Localidades Ayamonte

A walk along the Carrera del Darro

Monumentos, Fotografía, Rutas Granada
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A walk through what many consider the most beautiful street in the world. From Plaza Nueva to Paseo de los Tristes, this route condenses in 31 points of interest all the history of Granada and the cultures that have made it a unique place.


Localidades Abla
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Village situated in the west of the province, in the corridor between the Sierra de Baza and Sierra Nevada and which communicates with the Marquisate of Zenete, in the province of Granada. It is included in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, one of the natural paradises of the area due to its scenic, botanical and anthropological wealth, as well as for its fauna. Within these surroundings and facing the plain, the village is located, spread along the side of the mountain foothills, offering that unmistakable appearance of the villages of Almeria with their houses in terraces, with flat roofs, showing their Arabic origin. Next to the village is the interesting Holy Martyrs Chapel.


Localidades Abrucena
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A small village located in the west of the province, in the corridor between the Sierra de Baza and Sierra Nevada which communicates with the Marquesado de Zenete, in the province of Granada. It is included in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, one of the natural paradises of the area, for its scenic, botanical and anthropological wealth and for its fauna. The village, situated at the foot of the mountain range, facing the plain, offers the typical appearance of the villages with Moorish origins, with narrow winding streets and whitewashed houses built in terraces and without roofs.

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Localidades Adamuz
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The village stands in the north of the province, in the foothills of the Sierra Morena. Its typical mountain scenery consists primarily of holm oaks, low mountains and olive groves. Indeed, Adamuz's economic activity is based on the exploitation of its mountain resources, ideal for hunting and rural tourism. Part of Guadamellato Reservoir, a spot of immense beauty, lies within the village's boundaries. This quiet, friendly village stands on flat land which is irregular in shape but in complete harmony with its surroundings and the peace and tranquility that they offer. Buildings worth a visit are the Clock Tower and Saint Michael's Church.


Localidades Adra
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Town situated in the extreme southwest of the province. The majority of its area is occupied by the mountainous arid terrain of the foothills of the Sierra de la Contraviesa. The flat part is along the coast and is occupied in the most part by land dedicated to greenhouse farming. However, along its 20km of coast we can find some excellent beaches and the Las Albuferas de Adra Nature Reserve, a place of great importance due to the quantity of aquatic birds which visit it annually. The town, situated on the beach, dates from the VIII century BC. At the current time it has great potential for tourism, to which must be added its importance as a fishing and agricultural town. It is a modern town which still preserves the remains of its heritage such as the Parish Church, various ancestral homes from the XVIII century and the interesting Torre de los Perdigones, an example of XIX century industrial architecture.

Aguilar de la Frontera

Localidades Aguilar de la Frontera
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The village is located in the south of the province, in the La Campiña region. Its gently undulating terrain is devoted to agriculture, in particular olive groves, cereals and a few vineyards. Zóñar and Rincon Lagoons Nature Reserve stands within its municipal boundaries. These lagoons, the most important in the wet zones of southern Córdoba, are places of immense beauty surrounded by agricultural land and inhabited by a number of aquatic birds, the most notable of which is the Oxyura Leucocephala duck. Aguilar is one of Cordoba province's most important towns. Located atop a low hill, its white houses, the remains of its castle, its stately homes and its wealth of history all spill out into the surrounding countryside. A number of buildings bear witness to its rich and glorious past, but the highlights are the Clock Tower, the Hospital Church and the splendid octagonal San Jose Square.