Making #smartTourism simple

Interactive multimedia tourist content, downloadable from the app library and triggered by multiple of smart signals to increase the tourist experience 2.0

Contents under control
Without relying on third parties to update them.
Understandable to all
Create the contents in the language of your visitors.
Aesthetic customization
Each package has its own personality.
Always up to date
Permanently updated with the latest iOS and Android versions.
Fast loading of content
We optimize multimedia for quick download and viewing.
Immediate update
Any news is immediately received by users.
Find out what Aumentur offers

Multimedia content

Audio, images, 360 videos, 3D models, virtual and augmented reality. The latest technology available to all visitors.

Information for all audiences

Possibility to customize routes and guides according to the target audience and in multiple languages. All packages in a single content library.

How does the app work?

Content is managed from a private web backend, stored in the cloud and downloaded by users before their visit

Easy, isn't it?

Intuitive setup

Experts can focus on creating and updating content. We'll take care of the app.

Visitor analysis

All the information allows to optimally design the tourist and cultural offer.

Accessible information

Access to the information by many triggers. No data will be ignored by the visitor.

Real multimedia

Any material that can improve the visitor’s experience can be used in Aumentur.

An ideal platform to increase visits

When the visitor finds complete, up-to-date and attractive
information about a city, monument or museum the experience becomes unforgettable.